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The Hidden Water Podcast

Elizabeth Clemants, our Founder and Executive Director, interviews circle participants, board members and others working in the field of child sexual abuse. This is a rare opportunity to hear candid, open conversations with those who have been impacted by sexual abuse as family members: survivors, non offending parents, spouses, siblings, adult children and those who have caused harm and are taking responsibility.

Introducing the Work of Hidden Water

Welcome to the Hidden Water Podcast Series.

In Episode 1, Josh Wilcox interviews Founder and Executive Director Elizabeth Clemants about the Hidden Water origin story. They explore the foundational philosophies, the iterative and innovative development of the structure and how this work is changing the way families heal from child sexual abuse.

Each month, a new podcast interview is released on the Member Resource Page.

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Keeper CrossTalk

The structure of Healing Circles builds on the ancient wisdom of holding space. We do not ask questions, make comments, give advice to others in circle. We simply hold space without judgment, listening with empathy. A chance to sit in a space like this is a rare opportunity and part of the powerful nature of healing together.

There are times, however, when we have questions. Participants or those who have not yet participated in a Hidden Water Healing Circle (of any color) want to hear what others have to say without joining a circle. Our advice column called "Keeper CrossTalk" is a chance to ask anonymous questions directed at a specific color and have them answered for all on the Member Resource Page.

We will publish the question anonymously, and have a keeper of that color write a response from their personal lived experience giving us their best advice.

Am I allowed to have my own feelings about this?

How important are memories?

Do I have to sit silently?


How important is memory to your story?

When we have fractured memories how do we approach open and honest conversations with our family?

Is it ok for me to reach out to apologize to the person I harmed?

When we have caused sexual harm and are ready to take responsibility, how can we make amends to the one we harmed?

My partner was harmed by a family member but still wants to pretend it didn't happen. Am I not allowed to have any feelings about this?

Those who were harmed by family members are on a longer hard journey to healing and sorting through a complex web of relationships. Their partners are too!

My child is asking me to choose between staying in relationship with them, or my son.

When a parent is asked to choose between having a relationship with the child who was harmed, or the child that caused the harm.

Do I really have to listen to the "great stories" about the one who sexually harmed me?

When we are trying to heal from being harmed by a family member, it can be difficult to listen to stories of the one who harmed us.

I struggle to feel entitled to claim myself a victim because I also harmed sexually as I grew older. Where do I begin?

The complexity of both having caused sexual harm while also experiencing sexual harm as a young person can make healing confusing.

Resources for All the Colors

Hidden Water lists a few curated - harder to find - resources for families struggling to heal from sexual harm. These resources are aligned with our more nuanced and complex view of how to heal from child sexual abuse together.

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