For those who were sexually harmed as a child or young person.

When 1-out-of-3 girls, and 1-out-of-6 boys are sexually harmed before the age of 18, it is a public health crisis. So why do we all feel so alone?

For those of us struggling with the impact of child sexual abuse, the harm can go on for decades in the form of negative long-term symptoms. 

Physical symptoms such as migraines, autoimmune disorders, endometriosis are common in those who have been harmed sexually as children. There are emotional symptoms such as depression, anxiety, dissociating, rage - as well as all kinds of different types of relationship breakdowns. Taking adult responsibility for oneself and managing chronic use of mood altering substances can be a struggle for someone suffering from the impact of sexual abuse.

At Hidden Water, Green participants will not need to find their way alone.

It isn’t something those of us who have been harmed sexually often hear: We can heal from anything. This isn’t therapy or treatment. It is a community made up of others who are all striving to heal from being harmed sexually as a young person. When we sit with those who are also working toward healing, it takes away the sense that no one else understands what we are going through. While we must do our own work to heal, we are doing it alongside others who who inspire us and help us realize aspects of the harm we had not addressed before. We are not alone.

Shame and isolation dissipate when it is shared, and held without judgment.
The weight is lifted when we do it together.

At Hidden Water we do not consider ourselves “victim centered". We ask that each person in the family system step-up to do their own work. Those who have been harmed have enough work to do seeking time, energy and support to heal. They do not need to, nor can they really, support the other family members in finding their way to healing and responsibility. In a Green Circle, the participants can focus on themselves, and heal at the pace that makes sense to them.

When a family member asks: What can I do to make this better?

One of the reasons we built Hidden Water to serve every member in a family, is that we realize how much damage family members can do when they do not take the time to heal, educate themselves and learn how to best support their own family. They start to pressure the GREEN to heal faster, to forgive, to move on - so they no longer are suffering - so the family can go back to "normal". Unfortunately, that only creates more suffering. Hidden Water gives the answer to this question so the GREEN can let go of any sense of obligation to heal faster for their family members. When asked, "What can I do to make this better?", the answer is here: "Sign up for your own healing circle."

We can all heal from anything, if we know how and have the support to do it.

Learn more about the structure and process of Healing Circles.

The weight is lifted when
we do it together.

Our program aims to take our participants, approximately 300 per year, and give them the individual healing, the collective understanding and the prevention education to stop child sexual abuse before it begins.