Our Priorities

Five-Year Strategic Plan

The road map for our growth, focused on the five priorities
developed by our greater community.
Priority 1

Develop Our Theory of Change

Further develop, refine and articulate the theories behind our work.
We have a unique approach to healing harm, resolving conflict in family systems, and preventing abuse through our community. Our innovative methods are continually developed by us, for us, as we gather our collective wisdom.
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Priority 2

Demonstrate Our Impact

Develop evaluation tools to better understand the impact of our services.
Our innovative model attracts hundreds of people a year, and the anecdotal feedback is incredible. We often hear from participants that their circles have changed their lives and relationships. Through qualitative interviews with incoming participants and following them through months of their healing journey, we aim to develop a better understanding of how our services are working. Our intention is to share that publicly, for others working in this and related fields.
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Priority 3

Build Our Capability

Support our growth through strong financial development, and effective management structures.
The need is great. We're often asked why we don't just add more volunteer circle keepers and serve the long waiting lists. It's a good question! In order to grow, we need to be able to support those who hold these powerful healing spaces. Each year, we've grown. As we cultivate diverse funding streams, hire and train more staff, and build additional management structures, we'll continue to expand thoughtfully and with intention.
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Priority 4

Meet the Need

Grow our capacity to engage those seeking our support and services.
As our healing community grows, there are increasing opportunities to support those seeking support and guidance. We have come a long way from a small group gathering in a borrowed office in downtown Manhattan to now being a 501(c)3 organization with a dedicated staff and participants and families joining us from all around the world. Our goal is to find new ways to engage the community, promote our healing model, and inspire similar initiatives wherever we can..
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Priority 5

Amplify Our Impact

Build bridges to organizations working in child sexual abuse and related fields.
We often say "We are a bucket, and IT is an ocean!" Together, we must come together to truly make a dent in this global public health issue. Child sexual abuse is a complex social harm, woven deeply into the fabric of our society. To root it out, all of us matter. There is no singular 'right way' to confront child sexual abuse - but it must be addressed in some way. It will take all of us working together to create diverse interventions that can address the diverse circumstances of each family suffering from the impact of sexual harm.